Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road truckers don’t get a lot of miles running the famed ice road in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The road runs over frozen lakes and portages is open roughly from late January till March and runs from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, to two diamond mines and a gold mine to the Northeast.

The haul usually begins in January or early February, depending upon the weather. During the rest of the year, the only access to the mines is via airplane, so the trucks haul as much as they can during the ice road season. Driving over frozen lakebeds in the middle of winter sounds dangerous, and it can be, if rules aren’t followed. Like the trucks aren’t to drive too close to each other…. When the rules are followed and the ice is monitored and the drivers are attentive, it is not a high-risk operation rather it is calculated risk.

A run to the farthest diamond mine – 255 miles takes 2 and half days round-trip. To go to closest mine, which is 220 miles from Yellowknife, takes about 2 days. Northbound loads can only go about 19 mph whereas the Southbound if unloaded can go about 25 mph.

Experience driving in winter conditions is good to have, although many companies provide training that is specific to winter road driving.

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