4 Tips to get the most from your engine.

Try progressive shifting:
In order to use progressive shifting, you have to reach adequate RPM to shift from one gear to the next. This will help with acceleration and fuel conservation. This also protects the drive-train.

Downshift a Little later
When you're pulling a long grade, be patient. Don't downshift until the engine is down to about 1100-1200 rpm. Lugging the engine like this may seem strange until you get used to it, but it won't hurt. The same is true for downshift.

Use cruise and slow down:
No matter how good driver you are, the electronic cruise control can do a better job of keeping speed and RPM steady to save fuel. Slowing down also saves; research shows that every mile per hour over 55 mph reduces fuel economy by a tenth of a mile per gallon.

Cut your Idling time:
Some engines (check with your engine manufacturer) don't require long warm-up or cool down periods. Just go easy on the throttle at start-up when the engine's cold. At cool down, idle for only about 3 minutes. Cutting idle time from 50% to 25% can improve fuel economy by up to 4%.