When you have problems or questions...

When owner operators have questions or problems, the Public Service Office acts as a clearing-house and focal point for the resolution. It provides advice and technical assistance to small businesses, minority truckers, new entrants into the transportation field, small shippers, and small carriers, and deals with other members of the general public as well.

It's main function is to counsel small business entities and individuals in understanding and coping with the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the commission. Much of this work involves assistance in obtaining operating rights, licenses to perform interstate transportation, how to fill the application form to complying with tariff filings and insurance requirements.

As part of its information outreach program, the office prepares and disseminates numerous booklets designed to answer your basic questions about the surface transportation industries. The office plays a significant role in arming you for your product transportation challenges by initiating or commenting upon proposed rules or legislation relating to matters impacting upon areas of concern to your small business.

Surface Transportation Board,
Department of Transportation,
Washington, DC 20423.